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    What is Bistre Maven? The better question is who is Bistre Maven. Described as women of all colors that are at the top of their game so to speak. In a nut shell Bistre Maven is're an artist, designer, sports car fan, janet-of-all-trades, mother, wife, sister, daughter. Bistre Maven is all of us... This little spot on the web was created to celebrate, inspire, and recognize all of you who deserve it. I enjoy doing features and spotlights on emerging talent in all fields. My only criteria: You're creativity is innovative, refreshing, and has that "Kool-aid" factor as I like to call it*

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Meg H.

Omigawsh! Those are adorable!

I carry an asthma inhaler with a gigantic spacer at times & it is so ugly! Maybe you could offer a version for those too? See


Hey Meg,
Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate any and all feedback on my meter bags. We're hoping to launch our official collection before December '07!

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