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Rickina, that's me, is the support and contributor to the blog Bistre Maven. While I have many interests and hobbies jewelry design is what comes most natural. Expression through jewelry creation and design is very rewarding and allows me brief moments of sanity while juggling, baby, school, business, hubby and "work".

I'm also also the kind of gal that continuously has new and creative ideas constantly brewing. Some possible ideas are an exclusive online boys boutique, that features only boys fun, hip clothes.

As a mother of a toddler I find it difficult to find a variety of fun, creative boys clothes. So my boutique Rough & Tumble is currently in the research and development stage. Look for that soon!

If you know of anyone who is creative, innovation and just has a unique eye for uber cool stuff please send them this way for a feature or to be listed on the Bistre Maven Uber Cool List*


Bistre Maven is about celebrating, recognizing and promoting all things about creative, diverse modern women. As women we are many things and Bistre Maven is about unconventional creativity and surprising things we should all discover.